This link will take you to our training verification page. This is intended for ODJFS / ODE field licensing agents to verify the validity of a students training using the Ecard Code on the students certificate or ODJFS 01276 Form.. 

However you may find the search function valuable to you.

As a general rule if you find their training in this database, a certification form or ODJFS 01276 form was issued to the student by email. Also if their is a OPIN number listed it should have also been uploaded to OCCRRA.  You may search by any of the following:

         ECard Code

         Student Name

         OPIN #

​Note: If searching by OPIN # only records with a OPIN will be displayed. Pediatric Skills Instructor certificates generally do not have a OPIN # in the record because they are not uploaded to the OCCRRA site.

Use the "Next" or "Prev" buttons to move between all of that students records.

The information returned is as follows:

          ECard Code Number

          Students Name

​          OPIN #

          Course Name

          Issue Date

          Expiration Date

          Instructor Name

          Instructor ID #